Hi there! my name is Deirdre, and after three years of traveling across Europe researching and developing our products and meeting marine algae experts and professional cosmetic formulators. You can imagine our delight in discovering that the precise species of seaweed that we had been researching flourished off the west coast of Ireland

Rí Na Mara Irish Seaweed Cosmetics is a family business that harnesses the power of the sea and the natural environment to promote healthy, beautiful skin. Our unique range of beauty products is not just made from the pure waters of the western Atlantic, it is made in Ireland with Irish-sourced ingredients.

Shop local, buy Irish and Irish-made may be buzzwords to you. However, being a proud Irish-owned family business, in this article, we’re going to explain why we love everything Irish made and why you should too.

1. Gaeilge

Irish as a language is deeply tied to the culture of the country. One thing we love about most things Irish-made, is the representation of the Irish language

Inspired by the perfect habitat for nutrient-rich seaweed and marine algae, Rí Na Mara for those who don’t know, means ‘King of the Sea’. Whether you’re an Irish speaker or not, you can always appreciate the wholesome level of indigenous representation in your favourite Irish brands. These names big and small, made popular by you, bring Ireland to the world.

2. Seeped in Culture

Speaking of language, it is difficult to find a single Irish business without a drop of Irish culture. Be it food or finance: authentic Irish culture permeates all of its services. It’s why we love it! It’s home in a bottle, a beautifully woven basket, or an Aran knit sweater, and you get to experience this by choosing who and where you buy Irish-made. 

At Rí Na Mara it was important for us to employ local people. We commissioned Dublin artist Paddy Lennon to paint a Connemara image for our packaging. We chose a local girl to model for Rí na Mara marketing images. We try to use cúpla focal as much as possible in our workplace and social media. We also ensure an Irish speaker is on our trade stand so people can do business as Gaeilge. 

3. Inspired by Nature

The Island of Ireland is not just surrounded by the chaotic or calm (depending on where you reside) ocean waters and stunning rivers but a lot of green as well (The Emerald Isle). From fashion to festivals, Irish-made products and experiences are famously inspired by the gifts of nature. 

The Atlantic Ocean off An Spidéal, Connemara, is not just spectacularly beautiful, it is also the source of the world’s most nourishing natural skincare solutions: Seaweed. Together with local harvesters, production experts, and pioneering cosmetic scientists, we at Rí Na Mara use world-class production facilities to create unique and attainable luxury, immersed in the wild beauty of the rugged Connemara landscape and beaches. 

4. Sustainability

Origin Green is the Bord Bia sustainability programme. It is the only one in the world which operates at a national level and which includes farmers and primary producers, processors, and retailers working together and leading the way to create a better future for all involved. 

The natural bounty of seaweed embodies the Rí na Mara philosophy of sustainability & organically sourced. We insist that sustainable harvesting techniques are practiced. This usually consists of cutting only the upper section of seaweed species by hand and leaving the lower intact to regenerate quickly. A variety of carefully selected seaweeds in a pristine state undergo a minimal extraction process to ensure the wealth of vitamins and proteins are maintained. So if it’s Irish-made and starts with farming, you can be sure it’s eco-friendly. 

5. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Speaking of the environment, why shop anywhere else, when you can always turn to your neighbour? at Rí na Mara we take a balanced view of economic, social, and environmental sustainability and carbon emissions are just one part of a life-cycle assessment. So wherever you live in Ireland, reduce or offset (if you’re the wanderlust type) your carbon footprint by buying Irish. 

We know of the country’s leading efforts in the environmental movement. Another reason we love Irish-made is it gives us the opportunity to play our part. Green is the new green.

6. Outdoor Markets & Exhibitions

From the Galway Market to the Liberty Market, and everything all around the Island of Ireland. Since time immemorial, and regardless of the weather, the country has always had an outdoor market culture. 

Like most Irish businesses, Ri na mara began in small markets. Some of the markets we famously attended include Clarinbridge market day, Ballina Salmon Festival, Rose of Tralee, Bellmullet Fair, Ploughing championship, and Ballinasloe Fair. 

We couldn’t talk enough about Irish outdoor markets, from the fun, friendliness and welcome, to the fair prices. It’s enough reason to only go after Irish-made. So cut down even more on your carbon footprint and cycle to the nearest market today.

7. Tied to History & Tradition

Be it art or accessories, some of our favourite Irish-made products and experiences are deeply tied to Irish history, and traditions. From design to the production process. 

Seaweed harvesting has a long tradition in Ireland. Dillisk, also known as dulse, a red alga that is eaten on both sides of the north Atlantic, has traditionally been used as both a food and medicine. The health-giving properties of seaweed are legendary, and Carrageen is still used as a traditional home remedy. So whenever we make some dried Irish seaweed into a soup or slip into a bath, we remember fondly the people that came before us and how they paved the way for the things we enjoy today. As such whenever you use your favourite Irish-made skincare brand, you can be sure it is richly tied to the past.

8. Mark of Quality

If there’s anything Irish-made products are known for, it’s their mark of quality. Whether rustic or luxurious, if it’s authentically Irish, it is sure to have the best quality. From pottery to handwoven throws and shawls, our favourite Irish-made products are favourites because of their mark of quality. It’s who we are, nothing is half-baked! 

As members of the Society for Cosmetic Scientists, we at Rí na Mara source the highest quality of naturally active botanical ingredients in all our products. Since launching our boutique Irish range of Seaweed Skincare in 2004, the company has gained substantial recognition winning a number of prestigious awards. We are also members of the North American Celtic Trade Association, proudly Irish and with the mark of quality to show it.

9. Community Support

Buying local supports communities, by providing employment and increasing incomes. By prioritizing local Irish market offerings, you help get our sustainable, culturally driven, quality gifts of Irish beauty to the world.

From its humble beginnings and even on our journey today, the Irish community has been a huge part of our achievements. With inspiration drawn from the Island, we owe the community our gratitude and ever-growing success. We are proud to represent Ireland with our natural skincare range on a world stage.

So what are your reasons for loving Irish-made? Did we mention all of them? Are we missing a couple? Whatever they are, spread the word and keep buying Irish, all year long. You can start with our moisturising facial skincare range, formulated with wild organic seaweed & natural botanical extracts, and enjoy the widely recognised benefits of seaweed.