Rí Na Mara is situated in Spidéal, a charming village in the Connemara Gaeltacht on the West Coast of Ireland

We are passionate about creating natural beauty products that harness the power of the sea and our environment and promote overall wellbeing and we work hard to improve our environmental impact in everything we do.


The greatest diversity of seaweed in Ireland is found on the West coast and the Aran Islands. RÍ NA MARA insist sustainable harvesting techniques are practiced which consists of cutting only the upper section of seaweed species by hand and leaving the lower intact to regenerate quickly. A variety of carefully selected seaweeds in a pristine state undergo a minimal extraction process to ensure the wealth of vitamins and proteins are maintained.

Rí na Mara work with a number of organisations and companies to ensure the ongoing sustainability of seaweed to preserve the seabed, marine life and coastline.


Rí na Mara source the highest quality naturally active botanical ingredients, and ensure their impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. We use organically certified ingredients.
Rí na Mara Products are Free from Harsh ingredients, Mineral oils, Parabens, GMO ingredients, Sodium lauryl Sulphate.
Rí na Mara is a member of Natrue council.
Against Animal Testing
Rí na Mara is against animal testing in the cosmetic industry and our products are free from animal derivatives. Suitable for Vegetarians.
Rí na Mara is a member of the Society for Cosmetic Scientists


Rí na Mara products are packaged using recyclable or biodegradable materials. Bottles and jars are made from glass or easily recyclable materials such as HDPE. We constantly look for ways to make our packaging greener.

We love sharing our news with you and all our newsletters are sent via ezine / email to reduce our environmental impact. We use recyclable paper for our brochures. All our waste is composted on site.


We care for the world we live in, as well as educating our employees on the importance of environmental awareness, we also visit a number of Irish schools yearly to give advice on business set-up and green tips. We hope to inspire young people to set up a business in their locality using natural resources for the collective benefit of their community.

Rí na Mara sponsor and promote a number of charity events each year, we encourage staff to take part in community activities and participate in local and national initiatives and social development.

Look Good Feel Better- Rí na Mara support the cosmetic industry’s worldwide initiative “Look Good Feel Better” This cancer support charity helps women manage the visible and emotional side effects of cancer treatment through the use of cosmetic products, boosting confidence and well-being.


Rí na Mara continuously examine our production and supply chains to find any areas where there are meaningful opportunities to reduce water, energy, waste, amount of materials used. We focus on areas where real improvements can be made in greenhouse gas emissions. Transport, storage and distribution are carefully planned for maximum efficiency.

We take a balanced view of economic, social and environmental sustainability and carbon emissions are just one part of a life-cycle assessment.