At Rí na mara we are firm believers in the sea as a great source of beauty for the skin. 


The Atlantic Ocean off Spidéal, Connemara, is not just spectacularly beautiful, it is also the source of the world’s most nourishing natural skincare solutions. Nurtured by the purest marine waters in Europe, a perfect habitat to produce the rich natural sea algae that go into every Rí na Mara skincare product.


In this article, we’re going to talk a little more about a common condition known as ‘Dry Skin’’ and take you through how everyone’s favourite marine plant, and extensively-used remedy, since time immemorial  “Seaweed” can help solve your dry skin problems. 


All about skin!

So what is skin? we all know it’s the largest organ in the body, so let’s move on to our favourite pastime: skincare.


Skincare has been an important aspect of livelihood in all cultures around the world. From health to beauty, everyone regardless of gender or geography has always had an idea on how to best take care of their skin. Thus, with this diversity comes a range of skin conditions.


Why your skin reacts the way it does

Be it your mom’s genes or the weather this season, the way your skin looks, feels, or behaves is usually a result of one or the other. Some within our control, some beyond.

For example, on hot, humid days. Your skin can feel moist, perhaps even uncomfortably moist. Making you want to stock up on facemasks, (anything to prevent acne or outbreaks). But on cooler days, with that cold, crisp air, your skin could feel a little dryer. Making you stock up on moisturizers. 


Yet for others, it doesn’t really matter the weather. Dry or humid, hot or cold. Contributing factors to how your skin reacts could simply be what your skin type is. Dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin.


Seaweed & Dry Skin

What is Seaweed? 

“Seaweed” is the common name for countless species of marine plants and algae that grow in the ocean. So, like the name implies ‘ weeds that grow underwater, except they are not weeds at all, they’re essential to biodiversity and so much more!


“Seaweed is perhaps the most beneficial and abundantly available natural ingredient for skincare on the planet”

– Lydia Sarfati (master aesthetician and seaweed pioneer)


Sourced for its health benefits, history suggests people have been using Seaweed for skincare purposes for centuries. With time, people looked beyond the remedial and discovered the aesthetic benefits of Seaweed on the skin.


7 Ways Seaweed solves your dry skin problems

Ranging from feeling itchy, red, and flaky, dry skin can pop up anywhere on the body, from face to hands and legs, and can sometimes feel uncomfortable.


Dry skin can be marked as anything from trans-epidermal water loss to scaling & cracking, and as stated above, it can happen for any number of reasons. Whatever they may be, seaweed can solve this problem. So if you needed a reason to stock up on sustainably harvested seaweed face and body care, or buy some lotion for your aunt? Here’s seven.


1. Hydration

To hydrate means to cause something to absorb water. The perfect remedy for dry skin.


  • How it works

Seaweed is full of humectants (things that draw in and retain moisture from the environment). Take Fucus          vesiculosus known as Bladderwrack, it contains active ingredients phlorotannin antioxidants, bioactive polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, the extract reduces inflammation, hydrates, and helps improve skin elasticity. 


Botanical favourite: Rí na Mara Face Cream contains specially selected seaweed species such as Bladderwrack & Laminaria. If your skin is susceptible to dryness and other skin sensitivities, you are sure to benefit from its hydrating properties.


2. Moisturization

A close cousin to hydration. To moisturize means to restore moisture. This is for the people who think they’re all set until the dry season rolls in.


  • How it works

With the added benefit of vitamin E, another excellent skin-hydrating ingredient. Vitamin E allows for long-lasting moisture retention between your skin cells. It can help seal up little cracks created in the skin’s barrier that can cause moisture to escape and leave the skin feeling tight and dry.


Infused with organic marine extracts and Hyaluronic acid: Rí na mara Facial Serum immerses your skin with proteins, nutrients & anti-oxidants, set to plump and recharge your skin cells and stimulate hydration.


3. Regeneration

Two words: healing powers.


  • How it works

Irish Moss or Carrageen as it is most commonly known, is a red algae, that contains a wealth of minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, antioxidants, to help protect your skin against UV rays, free radical damage, and assist in hydrating and repairing epidermis by reducing the trans-epidermal water loss.


With a wonderfully rich, creamy formula and nutrient-rich seaweed extracts, including Laminaria and Irish Moss. Rí na mara Body Lotion deeply moisturizes and nourishes your skin, with anti-oxidants that help replenish and restore its natural glow.


Ideal as a daily body moisturizer and toner especially suited for dry skin areas. It’s perfect for repairing dry and damaged hands, nails and cuticles.


4. Rich Mineral Barrier

Seaweed contains essential fatty acids that help maintain your skin’s barrier.


  • How it works

Seaweed is rich in polysaccharides such as alginic acid, which helps to lock moisture into your skin. And when moisture is trapped, your skin can’t run dry.


Rí na mara Face Cream is formulated with sensitive skin in mind. This unique formula helps protect against harsh environmental and free radical damage and maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier. 


5. Exfoliating dead cells

As part of the regenerative process and essential to revitalizing dry skin. Seaweed lifts dead cells.


  • How it works

Ascophyllum Nodosum is a brown algae that contains a high concentration of minerals, vitamins, components alginic & ascorbic acid, carotenoids, fucoidans. Antioxidants that help exfoliate and draw impurities.


Naturally active ingredients including clay, are combined with algae, and botanical extracts in na mara Face Mask. Harsh soaps cause dry skin as it robs your skin of natural moisture, causing irritation. na mara Micellar Cleansing Water is made to deeply cleanse the skin, eliminating impurities and providing essential mineral hydration. It also boosts the skin’s natural moisture balance and helps regain suppleness and a healthy glow.


6. Smoothens fine lines

Seaweed is famous for its anti-aging benefits. As dryness is a common symptom of aging skin, fine lines are a common symptom of dry skin. Seaweed helps to smooth these fine lines.  


  • How it works

Brown algae has a strong firming effect, that fights cutaneous sagging, stimulates natural hyaluronic acid & collagen synthesis, and encourages cell renewal. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and anti-oxidants keeping your skin looking plump and youthful. 


na mara Eye Cream is a deep-conditioning cream. A highly nurturing formula containing organic seaweed extracts, naturally derived hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidant rich ingredients selected to visibly lift and firm the delicate eye contour. It reduces puffiness, dark circles and helps smooth fine lines.


7. Brightens the skin

Dry skin = Dull skin. Want a real glow? Seaweed can help with that.


  • How it works

Seaweed contains more vitamin C than oranges. Carrageen, Sugar Kelp, Bladderwrack, and Nori have large amounts of this vitamin. Vitamin C produces Collagen, an essential element in tissue repair. It also delivers a glow and radiance that livens up the skin both aesthetically and physically


Seaweed is an extremely beneficial Ingredient in skincare. Astonishingly hydrating, and transdermally healthy: it does this in more ways than one. But if this article isn’t enough to convince you, shop Rí na mara’s Facial Care.